What We Provide

Precision Health Group is a company comprised of a number of pharmacies and care facilities located throughout Nova Scotia and Ontario.

Our goal is to provide the best possible pharmaceutical care. To achieve our desired goal, we employ a team-oriented approach. The team-oriented approach is applied both internally with our staff and externally as a partner in the provision of seamless care with nursing home staff and other caregivers.

Precision Health Group is committed to working as a partner with both nursing facilities and the clients in their care. To that end, we provide the facility with an easy to complete form that ensures the pharmacy receives all the necessary client information along with the necessary prescriptions to begin servicing the client’s medication needs as soon as possible. Precision Health Group also provides the facility with an easy to complete form that manages any changes to client information as it occurs. For all client information transmitted by the above-mentioned forms or by any other means, that information is keep in the strictest of confidence to maintain the privacy of the client.

For clients who want to administer their own medication or who travel away from the facility on occasion, Precision Health Group facilities have access to the Precise Prescription Service through the use of a dispenser box.

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