Regency Park Family Practice has Physician space in Dartmouth!

Regency Park Family Practice reception areaCheck out our website and new Baker Drive location!

We have space! In fact, we have room for one physician to take over a well managed practice at our Clayton Park, Halifax location, and we have room for 2 family physicians in Dartmouth to work along side our speciality clinics!

We are a collaborative team consisting of Family Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Specialists currently offering the following clinics:

  • Prenatal Care (by referral)
  • Well Baby clinic (Open to public for unattached children)
  • Minor procedures (by referral)
  • Psychiatry (by referral)
  • Well Women’s clinics (open to public)
  • Cardiology (by referral)
  • ECGs (by referral)
  • Addiction Medicine
  • Community Duty Clinic

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Excellent turn-key clinic opportunity available in ideal location

turn-key-opportunityWe are seeking Physicians & Specialists to offer a complement of services at our Clayton Park –  Lacewood Medical Center location now under new ownership. We offer superior, fully equipped clinic space and all associated management services.

We offer:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Walk in clinic opportunities
  • Customer service oriented administrators to manage scheduling, billing, referrals etc.
  • Fully equipped exam rooms
  • EMR with support
  • We can assist with the relocation process for your current practice

This clinic is designed and fully equipped as a turnkey operation, allowing you settle in quickly and focus on providing quality medical care to our community.

This high density location in the city is in need of additional physician services as it continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Lacewood Medical Center is located just off of HWY 102 via exit 2 into the heart of Clayton Park/Bayers Lake. This is a professional building offering a pharmacy equipped with educated, friendly staff on the main level.

Both the clinic and the building are operated under the new ownership of Precision Health Group which currently provides a high professional standard of management for a number of other facilities including, group homes, nursing homes, and pharmacies.

Our goal is to provide a collaborative, highly efficient environment. We seek an overall team that values a committed and enjoyable team approach. Our hope is to bring operational efficiencies to maximize productivity and the quality of services needed for all community members attending our clinic.

Shellene, Director Management Services, welcomes your enquiries.  She brings over 20 years of management experience and looks forward to setting you up for success!

Contact: Shellene Condon, Director Management ServicesPrecision Health Group
Dir: 902.818.6123
Alt: 902 444-8382
Fax: 902 444-8386

Reduce the Guesswork!

Clients and caregivers can now benefit from improved compliance, decreased medication errors and avoid the inconvenience of multiple prescription bottles.

Even for those of us who try our best to take our medications properly, once we start having more than three medications to take in a day, it becomes difficult to remember to take everything properly. This difficulty is increased when we have to take some medications more than once a day or at different times of the day. Having all of your medications in one place will make taking medications at the right time much easier and more convenient. The Precise Prescription Service allows for all of your medications to be kept together in the proper order and in the proper amount.

The Precise Prescription Service is also convenient for travel, doctor appointments, hospital visits, and any other occasion when you have to have quick access to the medications that you take. In addition to having the medications all in one place the Precise Prescription Service lists all of the medications that you take on the outside of the box for quick reference by health professionals.

The Precise Prescription Service can even help with your medications that are not tablets or capsules. For example, to help you remember to take your insulin injection or to use your asthma inhaler, the packaging can be printed with the medication information in the same way that is done for tablets and capsules so that you will remember to take all of your medications as they are intended.

Only about 50% of clients typically take their medicines as prescribed

There are many studies that show people often do not take their medications as prescribed. In addition, many of these studies show that the rate of people taking their medication properly drops as the number of medications increases. Combine this with the fact that the number medications we take generally increases as we get older and we can see that those people whose health is most at risk are the same people who are at highest risk to not take their medications properly.

These low rates of people taking their medication as prescribed are of great concern to health care professionals because the negative outcomes that result from not taking medications as prescribed are very real. As an example, people on cholesterol medications who do not take them properly have a 12-25% increase in their relative risk for dying. Similarly, people with coronary artery disease who did not take their heart protecting medications properly were at a 10-40% increase in the risk of hospitalization due to heart problems and a 50-80% relative increase in the risk of dying.

While there are many reasons why people may not take their prescriptions correctly, it has been shown that providing medications in packaging like the Precise Prescription Service can have a positive effect in getting people to take their medications correctly. Our staff is committed to trying to provide what you need to take your medications properly. In fact, our staff is so committed to trying to improve the rate at which people take their medications correctly, we offer the Precise Prescription Service free of charge to our clients.