About Us

Precision Health Group is a company comprised of a number of pharmacies and care facilities located throughout Nova Scotia and Ontario.

The pharmacy services offered by the pharmacies of Precision Health Group have evolved from the traditional lick, stick and pour pharmacy to pharmacies that employs the latest technologies available and a customer service oriented philosophy to provide a comprehensive pharmacy services package. These pharmacy services focus not only on the client and their medications, but works also to assist the caregivers to reduce medication errors and improve medication adherence.

Our goal is to provide the best possible pharmaceutical care. To achieve our desired goal, we employ a team-oriented approach. The team-oriented approach is applied both internally with our staff and externally as a partner in the provision of seamless care with nursing home staff and other caregivers.

Our corporate philosophy places importance in being a good corporate citizen. For us at Precision Health Group, this means working the principles of accessibility and sustainability into how we function as a company. The accessibility principle focuses on removing existing and potential barriers (e.g. poverty) to care. In practical terms, this means that we try to implement all innovations in pharmaceutical care at no additional cost to the client. The sustainability principle is an affirmation that the economy, environment and society are interconnected.